Hello and welcome to Peas & Butter.  We’re dedicated to bringing you an array of kitchen-tested family favorites from our Southern kitchen. I’m Nanette, and most of our recipes are from my mother’s vast collection (my dad and I used to joke that we should find an old library card catalog cabinet to house them all!) and from my own recipes or remakes from others that my family has enjoyed.

When I say Southern kitchen, please don’t think that everything here has butter as its main ingredient, that everything is deep fried, or even that our recipes are traditional Southern favorites.  While we may include some of those, our palate is far more varied.  It’s just that the South has a love and appreciation for food that I haven’t found elsewhere in the country, and that vibe has certainly influenced the way I prepare food and entertain.  I have always sought to perfect a recipe…the best Caesar salad dressing, the best falafel, the best fruit cobbler.  I’ve worked hard to find or develop those recipes, and I can’t wait to share them and many others with you.

A little more about me…I’ve been a professional portrait photographer for nearly a decade (following in my father’s footsteps!).  I’ve always loved to cook and was a wholesale baker for several years, providing breakfast pastries and desserts to local cafes and coffee houses.  My husband and three boys provide great feedback for my culinary creations and are more than willing taste-testers.  I look forward to traveling this food blog journey with you!